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The use of Drone’s (aka small Unmanned Aircraft System) for aerial photography and videography (or aerialography) is quickly becoming the standard in Real Estate marketing. As Realtors, our primary function is the marketing of your home to obtain the highest and best price the market will pay. It’s no secret that in today’s world, the search for a new home begins (and continues) on the internet, and as homebuyers, we love to look at beautiful homes. I am excited to announce I have recently become a FAA Certified Remote Pilot. This will ensure all of our listings will include aerial photos of the property and surrounding neighborhood. Due to our proximity to both Pompano and Boca airports, nearly all flights will require permission from Air Traffic Control, but such requests/waivers can be made online and the FAA is working to improve their response/approval times. As a new Pilot and your neighbor, I would like to offer my services. Please feel free to contact me directly at ron@tourhomes360.com.

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